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I am told through a latino that it is insulting to utilize the expressed term mar

I’ve been told through a few people who the term marido is insulting. Nonetheless i believed so it designed spouse. So what does it really suggest?

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We have never ever heard that “marido” could possibly be considered insulting. I possibly could realize why its counterpart “mujer” will be considered insulting, since you are essentially calling your wife your “woman”. If you ask me, “marido” and “esposo” are totally interchangeable, in the same way Mariana stated.

But, in certain national nations, “marido” and “mujer” are preferred because “esposo” and “esposa” seem an excessive amount of like legal jargon. Such as the term “spouse” in English.

It could be interesting to learn where “marido” is recognized as insulting and exactly why.

Right right right Here in Guatemala I became corrected whenever I used the term “marido” for spouse. We have a tendency to utilize both “esposo” and “marido” interchangeably.

But, i understand that my pal from Madrid prefers “marido” to “esposo” and she never ever makes use of the latter.

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