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Being Against Gay Wedding Doesn’t Prompt You To a Homophobe

Some individuals just are not yes about marriage equality—but their thinking isn’t just an expression of the character.

Things to model of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s claim that the Catholic Church is unfairly caricatured as anti-gay? (Stefano Rellandini/Reuters)

Does being against homosexual wedding make some body anti-gay?

Issue resurfaced the other day whenever Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of the latest York, reported on meet up with the Press that the Catholic Church is unfairly “caricatured” as anti-gay. The Huffington Post’s Paul Raushenbush quickly composed up an answer, stating that “The difficult truth that Cardinal Dolan and all sorts of Christians want to face around is the fact that Catholic Church along side any other church whether Orthodox, Protestant or Catholic happens to be horrifically, persistently and vehemently anti-gay for pretty much each of its history.

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