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Kylie Jenner poses as sexy Marie Antoinette on luxurious photoshoot with Stormi

The 22-year-old lip kit mogul exposed about her beauty kingdom, her relationship with Travis Scott, her desire for lots more infants and life as a famous design symbol

Kylie Jenner is changed into an attractive present day Marie Antoinette for high fashion photoshoot.

The 22-year-old celebrity posed up within the glamorous environment of her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters for the luxurious shoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

Standing seductively near the water cooler, covergirl Kylie revealed off her famous curves in a cut fully out black colored leotard and satin heels.

In homage to Antoinette, Kylie wore a huge blond wig of curls piled along with her mind – which she accessorised by way of a glittery bow.

The star was also seen holding one of the personalised Kylie mugs that her army of workers sup from every day in keeping with the office shoot.

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