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Can the Lender Repossess Our Automobile During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In case your car finance lender gets court authorization, it may repossess your vehicle during Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However you have choices to avoid this.

Updated By Cara O’Neill, Attorney

If you’re in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your vehicle loan lender cannot repossess your vehicle or otherwise you will need to gather its debt without very very first getting authorization from the court. Keep reading for more information on whether or not the loan provider can repossess your vehicle during Chapter 7 bankruptcy and how to avoid repossession.

The Automated Keep Prohibits Automobile Repossession Without Court Authorization

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy produces an purchase called the stay that is automatic. The automated stay makes it illegal for the majority of creditors to continue collection tasks. In reality, your vehicle lender won’t be allowed to phone one to gather its financial obligation. After you file for bankruptcy unless it obtains court permission first so it cannot legally repossess your car.

How Can Your Lender Obtain Court Permission to Repossess Your Vehicle?

A lender who would like to take a vehicle throughout a bankruptcy situation must ask the court to carry the automatic stay and permit the loan provider to repossess your car or truck.

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