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Men and Women Handle Gambling Addiction Differently, Research Finds

Both women and men are vunerable to problem gambling. But whenever addiction hits and also the gambler is headed toward very low, the two sexes differ in how the distress is handled by them.

A female problem gambler can look more noticeably despondent whenever losing, whereas male issue gamblers are more prone to keep their concerns private until lashing out.

That’s in accordance with a new study published into the Journal of Gambling Studies by researchers at the University of Adelaide, the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC), and Swinburne University of tech in Australia.

‘ Signs of distress are most likely to be additionally seen indicators for female patrons,’ says AGRC Manager Anna Thomas, ‘while signs of anger or aggression may be more likely to be observed for males.’

The study looked at data gathered in two recent studies that are large-scale the gambling actions in Australia. Researchers analyzed 1185 slot machine players (580 men and 605 women). Of these, 338 showed traits commonly associated with problem gambling.

Gender Disparity

The research discovered that male and problem that is female exhibited similar signs when their gambling habit was spinning out of control. But additionally they found that the way problem that is female showed signs of downward spiraling more noticeably than their addictive male counterparts when hitting equivalent low points.

Women tended to be ‘more emotional

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