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HIV infection prices are from the increase, especially among homosexual guys. But could a type that is new of therapy – PrEP – be provided with to individuals so that they avoid getting the illness, asks Mobeen Azhar.

For many years intimate wellness employees have actually focused regarding the message of constantly employing a condom since the main strategy contrary to the spread of HIV along with other sexually transmitted infections.

But particular behaviours that are risky in the increase. Illegal drugs like MDMA and speed have long been used in the homosexual club scene. The good news is “chemsex” is a growing issue – parties in personal domiciles centred on public medication taking and intercourse.

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Chemsex ended up being broadcast on BBC Radio 4is the Report on Thursday 2 July.

Famous brands mephedrone, crystal meth and GHB/GBL (or “G” for quick) increases libido and considerably decrease inhibition and also the aspire to rest.

You will never understand how lots of men have grown to be contaminated with HIV while using the chems, but sex that is condom-less normal for a lot of guys in the chem scene. In research posted because of the London class of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a third of males surveyed described incidents of unintended unsafe sex while intoxicated by chemsex medications.

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