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Exactly exactly exactly What sex employees and customers really would like you to definitely realize about the company of sex

Up to 20per cent of most brand brand brand new HIV infections in Southern Africa this season had been linked to intercourse work, based on a modelling research by the Joint un Programme on HIV and Aids (UNAids) posted for the reason that 12 months. The investigation ended up being cited in A south african nationwide helps council report.

Even though HIV disease price among feminine sex employees is undeniably high, these brand new infections weren’t simply one of them. Intercourse employees’ clients represented about 12percent for the brand new infections. Customers’ partners – people who may do not have purchased intercourse within their lives – counted for nearly 3% of brand new HIV infections.

These data reveal that the criminalisation of intercourse work – the buying that is consensual selling of intercourse between grownups – puts everyone else at an increased risk. It drives sex work underground – putting sex workers and consumers vulnerable to real physical violence and HIV infection while providing them with small recourse to justice underneath the legislation and access to healthcare solutions, for concern about being exposed.

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